Please help settle a small argument…er, I mean discussion.

I was having a little discussion with some of my friends the other day, and I mentioned that my previous poll (eighteen months ago) on what my readers are using to read my books showed that 39% of you use e-book readers and 60% read  print.  Around 1%  listen to audio books.  But since only two of my books are in audio, and I’m asking how you read MY books, I’m not offering audio as an answer this time.

Anyway, I told my friends that the numbers have to be closer to 50-50 now, what with all the tablets that have been and are being sold. Because really, who wouldn’t love being able to carry a hundred books in their purse?

So help me out, would you?  Because these particular friends are certain a new poll will still be largely in favor of print books.  Thanks!