Well, Lachlan it is!

This is to announce that Alec and Carolina MacKeage are the proud parents of Lachlan MacKeage (middle name to be disclosed in future book), born in the basement of a church in Spellbound Falls two weeks before his parents were married. Thank you all for helping me choose a name for the mystical little bugger. I can’t wait to see what havoc he wreaks!

Meanwhile, check out the maps of Bottomless Sea and Spellbound Falls.  You’ll find them under the Spellbound Falls tab on the menu bar above.  And I’ve updated the Genealogy Chart all the way up to THE HIGHLANDER NEXT DOOR.

Oh, and before you leave the site, don’t forget to vote.  I’m very curious if I should be Tweeting regularly, because I suspect Twitter is mostly authors following other authors rather than readers following us.  But if enough of my readers want me to Tweet, I will give it a go at least once a week but probably more.  I’ll likely post pictures of what’s happening around Maine in general and LakeWatch in particular.  Then again, I guess I could also post those pics on FaceBook.  But Tweeting is so easy, I’m more likely to do it more often.  I already have a Twitter account: JanetWrites. (I have no idea if there’s suppose to be a hashtag included because I have no idea what they do.) So, I guess I’ll leave the decision up to you.  Vote!