Wedding The Highlander misprint!

It has come to my attention that some readers are opening Wedding the Highlander, only to find that the first 20 or so pages are actually the beginning pages of Loving the Highlander — then the book switches to the real Wedding the Highlander.  Apparently a batch of reprints went out this way, and I am so sorry for your frustration.


But my editor at Pocket Books has come up with a brilliant solution! Anyone who has a defective copy of the book can send it to her, she will send you back a “good” copy of Wedding the Highlander, as well as any one of my Highlander books that you haven’t read. And if you’ve already read them all, then she will send you one of my contemporary romance novels. How cool is that; two books for one! She needs the defective copy back so the production team at Pocket Books can get to the heart of the problem, and she also needs a list of which Janet Chapman books you’ve already read so she doesn’t send you a duplicate. (You can check my printable book list page on this site to see which ones you’ve missed.) Oh, and also mention where you purchased the book to help them track down the other misprinted copies.


Send to:    Micki Nuding, Senior Editor

Pocket Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020


Write “Wedding the Highlander” on the outside of the envelope, please, and then sit back and wait for double the fun!


Thanks, everyone, for your understanding.

Until later, keep reading!